Make content relevant for every channel and context.

Sometimes it’s hard to determine what’s important with content scattered across different repositories -- customer accounts, product catalogs, colourful images, streaming videos, reviews and analysis, shared knowledge, and more. How can you turn all that content into a strategic business asset?  By making it relevant, trustworthy and personal.

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A Content Intelligence Platform:

Miles ahead of a Headless CMS

VUE aggregates and unifies content from existing repositories into a centralized, channel-agnostic, API-accessible, scalable content hub allowing you to power your omni-channel experiences without having to decommission your existing systems.  It empowers digital teams to organize, validate, tag and classify content using a combination of AI-powered and rule-based tools for optimized retrieval and discovery.  Finally, it provides business teams with intuitive tools to create and publish template-based personalized experiences for every channel, audience and geography.  Do you see why it would be unfair to compare us to a simple headless CMS or any other CMS for that matter?

Integration Server (MESH)

that meshes content from various content repositories

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Intelligent Content Hub (VUE)

that holds a single view of content from disparate sources and allows digital teams to standardize, relate, and enrich content for consumption by digital channels

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Content Delivery Engine (AIM)

that empowers UX and content teams to create and publish personalized, template based experiences without tightly coupling content to presentation.

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Ultimate Deployment Flexibility

Conscia VUE leverages modern technology, including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and cloud computing to help you automate tasks and deploy an agile, flexible and scalable platform as a managed cloud service, on a private or public cloud, or on-premise.

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Intelligent Content Solutions

Organizations can leverage Conscia Vue to deliver intelligent content solutions such as:

Customer Solutions

  • Content and Experience Management
  • eCommerce Search and Browse
  • Headless Commerce

Workplace Solutions

  • Knowledge Management
  • Enterprise Search
  • Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

Happy Clients

Conscia is helping clients across industries and verticals unify, enrich and deliver content for various use cases.

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