We accelerate your roadmap to digital transformation

Digital transformation initiatives rely on content that resides in disparate and legacy repositories and it almost never practical to migrate away from these applications into a single repository because of the time, cost and business disruption implications of such initiatives.


Conscia is a Toronto based Enterprise SaaS company that provides a Content Intelligence Platform that connects and augments your existing content, allowing you to deliver digital transformation initiatives in a fraction of time otherwise required.

A Content Intelligence Platform


Conscia was built from the ground up to easily unify and enrich silo’d data and content in order to deliver information discovery experiences and knowledge management applications.  We provide business users and knowledge experts an easy-to-use Excel-like interface to monitor and validate the quality of content, manage taxonomies, and provide input to machine learning models to learn domain-specific classification of information. Conscia’s enrichment engine automatically extracts keywords, entities and concepts from unstructured data, auto-categorizes information, identifies PII, cleanses and standardizes data, and publishes enriched content to downstream applications.

What can you do with Conscia?

Commerce Use Cases:

Conscia helps retailers and brands optimize and personalize product discovery experiences by unifying, normalizing and enriching product information from siloed backend applications and making it accessible to omni-channel digital applications.

Workplace Use Cases:

The Conscia platform unifies organizational content from siloed applications such as Sharepoint, Teamsite, Lithium and OneDrive and provides knowledge experts a self-service ability to combine their expertise with artificial intelligence to enrich organizational information for the following types of initiatives.

Digital transformation without disrupting your ongoing business

Conscia sits above your existing information systems such as your PIM, CMS, CSP and ERPs.

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