Platform Components

Get your data ready for prime time!

  • Optimize product discovery with rich meta-data and taxonomy
  • Enable customer self-service by giving meaning to enterprise information through rich metadata
  • Support Information Governance best practices by augmenting information systems with complete and precise meta-data
  • Facilitate Regulatory Compliance initiatives through model-driven, rule-based classification and tagging of documents and information assets
  • Personalize content for every user through a bottom-up approach that uses meta-data to define what content is relevant for what type of user in what context

A Business-Friendly Data Enrichment UI

    • Access to a library of AI-Powered Enrichments
    • Manage and dynamically apply multiple taxonomies and ontologies
    • Greatly reduce manual effort with auto-categorization and meta-data tagging
    • Collaboration between IT and Business to understand, enrich and prepare the data for downstream systems

Tag and organize your content and documents with

AI-Powered Meta-Data Enrichment

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