A Content Intelligence Platform


Conscia was built from the ground up to easily unify and enrich silo’d and legacy content in order to deliver omni-channel product and content experiences.  We provide content managers and information experts an intuitive interface to monitor and validate the quality of content, enrich and classify it using AI, NLP and classification rules, and publish enriched content to target applications.

What can you do with Conscia?

Commerce Use Cases:

Conscia helps retailers and brands optimize and personalize product discovery experiences by unifying, normalizing and enriching product information from siloed backend applications and making it accessible to omni-channel digital applications.

Workplace Use Cases:

The Conscia platform unifies organizational content from siloed applications such as Sharepoint, Teamsite, Lithium and OneDrive and provides knowledge experts a self-service ability to combine their expertise with artificial intelligence to enrich organizational information for the following types of initiatives.

Digital transformation without disrupting your ongoing business

Conscia sits above your existing information systems such as your PIM, CMS, CSP and ERPs.

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