We solve the 'garbage in, garbage out' problem

Enterprises are losing money because customers can’t find the products they want to buy and employees can’t find the information they need to do their jobs. Search vendors claim they can fix this problem, but fundamentally they can’t. The problem isn’t a search or indexing problem. It’s a data quality problem. Bad data makes it impossible for customers and employees to find the information they need.


Conscia is a Toronto based company that focuses on improving data quality and information discoverability . We make information easily ‘findable’ by augmenting enterprise data with metadata that speaks the user’s language. Unlike the black box nature of traditional ETL methods, we provide business users and domain experts full control and visibility over data that is indexed by the search engine, supporting their ability to easily combine their own knowledge and expertise with artificial intelligence to enhance information quality.

The VUE Platform



Conscia VUE is an AI-powered data enrichment platform that sits on top of siloed legacy systems to unify, harmonize and enrich information with conceptual and semantic metadata. We provide business users and knowledge experts an easy-to-use Excel-like interface to validate information quality, manage taxonomies and configure domain specific classification models to auto-categorize information.

Commerce Solutions:

Conscia helps retailers and brands optimize and personalize product discovery experiences by unifying, normalizing and enriching product information from siloed backend applications.  Conscia’s VUE platform allows you to combine your product and customer knowledge with artificial intelligence to ensure that your products are easily findable by your customers.


Workplace Solutions

The VUE platform unifies information from siloed applications such as Sharepoint, Teamsite, Lithium and OneDrive and provides knowledge experts a self-service ability to combine their expertise with artificial intelligence to enrich organizational information for discovery, regulatory compliance and self-service initiatives.


Integrate with your existing Search Platform and Information Systems

Conscia sits in between your existing information systems such as your PIM and CMS and the search platform such as Elasticsearch, SOLR, Lucidworks, Unbxd and more.

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