Conscia: A Content Intelligence Platform

Accelerate the time to market for your digital products with an intelligent content platform that breaks down the data silos and enables your digital teams to build dynamic content-centric applications without having to migrate from existing legacy systems. 

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Key Capabilities

Discover how a unified content intelligence platform enables you to:

  • Integrate content from various sources to provide a complete view in a content hub
  • Leverage an easy-to-use Vue Studio to access, improve, categorize, enhance and manage content
  • Design useful and effective search and information discovery
  • Support natural conversations with end users to support the delivery of relevant content that meets user needs
  • Manage a flexible and scalable platform in the cloud or on-premise

Content Intelligence Platform

Unlike traditional content management systems (CMSs), Conscia unifies content management and experience management into a single platform, which includes:

Mesh: Integration Server

that meshes content from various content repositories

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Vue: Intelligent Content Hub

that creates a single view content in an organized catalogs

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Aim: Content Delivery Engine

that delivers relevant content based on context to target audiences

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Available, Scalable and Secure Platform

Improve efficiency and reduce operational costs with a unified, content intelligence platform that can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise.

Scale Based on Business Needs

Scale the platform based on integration flow requirements and the amount of content managed rather than committing system resources up-front.  Leverage JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), an open-standards file format, to transmit data between a server and clients. Take advantage of this schemaless, lightweight data interchange format for sharing data of any format or size, and eliminate the need for rigid and extensive data mappings.

Centrally Manage Content, Users and Processes

Use the administration console to manage content, users and processes from a central location.  Use this full-fledged UI to manage content sources, assign user-based security and access, and manage system events.  Set event-based alerts to be notified when anomalous behavior occurs; for example, know when a server disconnects, integration batches are stuck in process, or application usage spikes. Optimize the productivity in managing and governing information.

Deploy in the Cloud or On-Premises

Install and deploy the platform based on your business needs.  Conscia VUE can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise:

  • Managed-cloud service:  Leverage the VUE content intelligence platform as a fully-managed service from Conscia, enabling you to focus on business rather than maintenance.
  • Private or public cloud: Purchase a license for the VUE content intelligence platform and then run it on the cloud platform of your choice.
  • On-premise: Use existing hardware and infrastructure to increase control.
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