Let the content find its way.

Conscia empowers business users to enrich digital content with meaningful metadata using rule-based and AI-powered content enrichment tools.  This metadata drives dynamic personalization and contextualization of content.


Centralized Content Delivery

A single point of content access that connects your digital experiences to your back-end information sources.


Business-Friendly UI

Connect relevant content to your digital experiences using a business friendly interface.


Contextual Content Delivery

Dynamically deliver the relevant content to the consumer based on content-level meta-data and dynamic business rules to define the content experience for every context.


Real-time Insights

Connect to your systems of insight in real-time to understand user’s context in order to build a contextual experience.


Zero Code

Stitch together content and data from multiple back-end APIs using a zero-code data processing framework.



Wrap your back-end systems with easy-to-connect APIs that can power experience on every channel.