One Platform. Many Solutions.

Virtual Assistant

Now that your customer is accustomed to interacting with Google home, Alexa or Siri, it is a natural step in the evolution of customer service to use virtual assistants to empower customers in resolving their product issues or simply gain knowledge about how to use your products. As part of VUE’s Cognitive Services, a Virtual Assistant is available that can be configured and trained to work with your domain knowledge.

Product Content Hub

Create a single source of truth for all of your product information, allowing line of business owners to standardize, dynamically tag, structure and publish custom views of this data to various target applications. 

Content Personalization

Content Marketing is quickly becoming a very popular tool for all kinds of brands. However, it is also a very challenging domain because not all customers are attracted to the same kind of content. Use VUE to enrich and tag your content dynamically to personalize for every audience segment, context and touchpoint.

Customer Support

Your knowledge workers are having to navigate through an increasing number of data silos to find the information they need to do their job. Consolidate, enrich and explore all of your organizational information in a VUE’s unified content intelligence hub.

Cognitive Search

If you are using an open-source search engine such as Elastic or SOLR, or even some of the commercial ones such as Microsoft Azure, Algolia, etc, you have the traditional keyword search capabilities.
Use VUE’s user intent recognition, AI-powered content enrichment and real-time interaction management to transform what you have to Cognitive Search without having to swap out your search product.

Employee Intranet/Portal

Break down the content silos and allow your employees to access information through a unified hub without the need to migrate or decommission existing content repositories.