Conscia VUETM – Universal Data Manager

Create a 360 Degree view of your master data on top of existing systems of record such as PIM, ERP, CMS, third party services, etc.

Digital experiences are relying on an increasing number of data sources from siloed systems of record such as PIMs, ERPs, CMSes, and more.  These systems define and in many cases restrict the pace at which data is propagated to the online digital channels, are slow to change and inaccessible for real-time consumption.  The data from these siloed systems is also frequently out of sync, duplicated, inaccurate and lacking governance. 

VUE centralizes, consolidates and manages technical and marketing product and other master data residing in disparate applications using a schema-less integration layer into a Universal Data Hub.  The UDH offers AI-powered self-service tools for data enrichment and cleansing so that you can deliver contextual data to every target channel.


Single Source of Truth


Continuously sync your master data from various systems of record, such as your PIM, CMS, Analytics, Reviews, and more to create a central view for your business and technology teams.

A Unique View for Every Channel


Manage a unique view of your catalog for every sales and affiliate channel.

Standardize, Organize and Enrich

Product information drives product sales by powering product pages, website search, personalization and even analytics.  Use VUE’s self-service interface to prepare your product content for a targeted product experience.

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