Search and Insight Engine

Design amazing search experiences for users by considering user expectations and delivering useful responses to search queries.  Unlike traditional CMSs that force you to purchase a separate search engine, Conscia Vue provides native search and browse APIS that are fully integrated with the content hub.

Improve Intent Recognition with Context Evaluators

Define VUE context evaluators to deliver content in a particular context.  Each content evaluator refers to personalization rules, which are compared to search profiles, query profiles, and search results. The VUE query engine understands natural language, applies the rules, extracts intent, and maps it to relevant content.

Set Profiles to Improve Query and Search Results

Define Vue search and query profiles to improve users’ search experience.  With Vue search profiles, you can define search rules, priorities, start and end dates, trigger keywords, and customer context.  With Vue query profiles, you can set rules to filter search results (for example, by fuzziness, best matched, most matched, cross-matching, or minimum match).  When triggered, the Vue search engine delivers the best possible results.

Enable Business Users to Improve the Search Experience

Use the Vue search criteria tools such as search relevancy, boost and bury rules, search corrections and stop words, keyword redirects, synonyms, and facet definitions to improve the results of search.  Unlike some search tools which require developers to define the search experience, business users can use the Vue search and insight engine to deliver search results based on context or user’s intent.

Personalize Search Results

Set Vue dynamic rules for every context to personalize search results based on customers’ demographics, account history, site behaviour, loyalty status, etc.  Vue permissions are used by the search engine to ensure that only appropriate information is delivered to users based on security levels.  

Deliver a Consistent Search Experience Across Omni-channels

Use Vue Search and Discovery APIs to deliver consistent search results across all channels and touchpoints.

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