Retail and Consumer Goods

With Amazon and Google taking increasingly larger shares of the consumer pie, many retailers face an existential challenge.  In efforts to survive, these organizations must transform their business to offer meaningful experiences to their customers on an increasing number of digital channels.  While they rush to meet the customer at their digital coordinates, they are handcuffed by their reliance on legacy systems for the data that powers these modern experiences.  Conscia provides a refreshing and innovative approach to connect the old with the new, while enriching the data in legacy systems for a better customer experience.

Featured Case Studies

A large Hardware store improves the shoppability of their product catalog with Conscia – VUE

This retailer was dependent on a home-grown product catalog solution that was critical to its operations including powering the eCommerce website and applications for their dealer channels.  However, the quality of the product data it held was poor because it was sourced from numerous suppliers.  Every year, the company would hire interns to manually ‘clean up’ the data.  Conscia VUE was used to enrich, standardize and tag the products with self-service, AI-powered enrichments such as extraction of entities and concepts from unstructured data, standardization of units of measurement and part numbers, synonyms, and more.

A home shopping television channel improves search and browse with a centralized web catalog

This unique retailer relied on multiple legacy and siloed data sources for the product information that drives the eCommerce search and browse experience.  This included a PIM, a vendor CMS and an ERP.  The web merchandising team and product managers were using a home grown web catalog management tool that had various limitations such as the frequency and performance of data updates from source systems and to the live web/mobile application, poor data quality and limited ability for business users to control the meta-data for search and browse.  Conscia MESH was used to orchestrate the data operations and business users used Conscia VUE to manage and enrich their web catalog to create an optimized customer experience.