Is your product information complete, accurate and consistent?

Relevant ECommerce experiences depend on high quality product content.  Create a centralized and complete view of your product catalog with Conscia VUE by unifying product data from siloed systems and enriching it with tags and categorization for optimal search, navigation and personalization.

Create a 360 View of all your Product Information with VUE

Customers demand accurate, complete and consistent product information on all channels that they interact with your brand, but your product information is scattered across different tools and applications.  Conscia VUE creates a single source of truth of your product information, enriches this information using dynamic metadata and category assignments and enables your CX and digital teams to create contextual product experiences.

The VUE platform offers the following components:

  • An integration server that unifies product content from existing and legacy databases, PIMs and CMSes
  • A Content Hub that stitches together and provides a semantic view of product content residing in disparate repositories
  • An Enrichment Studio that allows category managers to create and manage hierarchical taxonomies as well as classify and tag products into taxonomies using AI, NLP and rule-based categorization features
  • A Search Engine that sits on top of the Content Hub to deliver personalized product experiences

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