The biggest roadblock to digital transformation is the reliance on information residing in siloed and legacy applications.

Digital applications need to consume content residing in siloed systems and applications.  Business and digital teams rely heavily on IT to perform integrations with legacy, cloud or home grown applications, which typically turns out to be a very time consuming and expensive initiative.  Information and content residing in these applications is also frequently inconsistent, incomplete, and inaccurate.

Conscia quickly and easily centralizes, organizes and enriches content from siloed systems and makes it available to digital applications via easy-to-connect APIs.  Unlike traditional search platforms, Conscia empowers business users with a self-service AI-powered content enrichment interface to tag, organize and enrich this content without the reliance on IT to update or touch the back-end applications.  Finally, it enables digital teams to deliver contextual content to every user by managing content personalization rules in a user-friendly admin interface.