Data and content must be organized, tagged and enriched to make it searchable and usable.

Enterprise information assets such as product information, blogs, digital media, articles and documents frequently have inconsistent, incomplete, and inaccurate metadata.  Conscia equips business users and marketers with a self-service AI-powered metadata management and enrichment interface to tag, organize and enrich their information and content assets for optimal search, browse, personalization, localization, analytics and distribution.

The Business Case for Metadata Enrichment


Search and Browse

Metadata describes your content and without it, users simply cannot find what they are looking for.


Content Personalization

The tags and metadata on your content allow applications to personalize the content experience by connecting together what you know about the customer to what we know about the content.


Analytics and Reporting

Whether you plan on creating a report for a regulatory compliance initiative or would like to understand the effectiveness of content on a given channel, metadata is required as an essential input for analytics and AI.


Content Aggregation

Digital assets and content reside in multiple systems of record having different levels of sophistication with respect to metadata management.  In order to create a user experience that pulls content from multiple systems, tags and metadata must be applied uniformly across the board.



In order to present related content such as videos, articles, blogs, products, music to a customer, data about the customer’s behaviour must be connected with the metadata of the digital asset.


Localization and Distribution

Certain information and content is only relevant to certain geographies and/or channels.  The localization and distribution of appropriate content relies on metadata.