Connecting the Old with the New

Rapidly modernize your legacy systems without disrupting your business-critical operations.

Organizations are hand cuffed by legacy applications that power their business critical functions such as order management, inventory management, supplier management and billing/invoicing.  These systems were never built to scale, perform or connect to modern digital applications.  Conscia encapsulates your legacy applications with scalable, easy-to-connect APIs to power your modern applications.

A central view of all data in your legacy applications

Unlock the data within your legacy applications and allow business and IT to share a common understanding of what exists within.

Scalable, API-Driven Legacy Encapsulation

Simply wrapping legacy systems with Restful APIs doesn’t solve the problem of performance.  Conscia’s AIM component sits on top of your legacy applications as a scalable, easy-to-connect, real-time layer that takes the load off your existing applications.

Complete deployment flexibility

Every module of the Conscia platform is fully containerized allowing you to deploy on-premise, in private or public cloud.

Significantly cut down your transformation timelines without disrupting your ongoing business operations.