Knowledge Management in the world of information silos

Unify, Enrich and Deliver Relevant Information to your Customer and Employees

Break Down Organizational Silos with VUE: A Content Intelligence Platform

If you’re like most organizations, you’re dealing with knowledge being spread across disparate content repositories and CMSes.  Conscia VUE offers a powerful content intelligence platform capable of unifying content silos across an organization.  The rich platform features enable the classification and enrichment of content into taxonomies using AI and NLP.  This unified content is made discoverable via APIs to create relevant information discovery experiences across all customer and employee channels.

The VUE platform offers the following components:

  • An integration server that unifies content from existing and legacy repositories and CMSes
  • A headless Content Hub that provides a semantic view of content residing in disparate repositories
  • An Enrichment Studio that allows knowledge experts to create and manage taxonomies as well as classify and tag content into domain-specific taxonomies using AI and NLP
  • An Insight Engine that sits on top of the Content Hub to deliver personalized information discovery experiences

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