Financial Services and Insurance

The Financial Services organizations are dealing with an ever increasing number of information silos, both internal and external.  Every line of business has their own tools and applications for managing information resulting in systems that don’t talk to each other.  This makes Knowledge Management a huge challenge, one that could only be resolved by creating a unified 360 degree view of the knowledge that resides in disparate content sources.

Featured Case Studies

A large Wealth Management organization improves the efficiency of its customer support team with an Conscia’s knowledge catalog solution

A global financial services firm wanted to create an intuitive knowledge discovery experience for its customer service agents so that they could find the information they needed to support the customer at the time of need.  The current application was built on a legacy content management system that was very rigid in nature and did not allow for the organization and tagging of the content required for optimized knowledge discovery.

Conscia’s schema-less data integration framework, MESH, was used to synchronize content from the legacy CMS with VUE, Conscia’s Universal Data Hub, which the domain experts then used to tag the content and publish to APIs that could be consumed by the target application.  The overall user experience was delivered within 5 weeks.

One of the largest Canadian Banks improves content findability with Conscia

In order to help internal employees find the information they need to get their job done, it is imperative that the content be organized and tagged appropriately.  This large Canadian bank used Conscia VUE to manage meta-data and taxonomy for content residing in multiple content management systems.  This enriched content was then syndicated with target systems including the search engine.