Aim: Content Delivery Engine

Deliver relevant content based on context to provide a pleasing, meaningful, and valuable user experience across omni-channels

Display Content From Any System of Record

Use the Experience Manager within Vue Studio to display content from any source, including existing systems of insight.  The Experience Manager uses input from any integrated source, enabling you to deliver contextual content based on customer or employee activities, behaviours and interests.

Decouple Presentation from Content

Use Content Delivery APIs to give front-end instructions, in JSON format, for what should be displayed without enforcing how it is done.  Aim decouples UI presentation from content, giving you the freedom to build your front-end using any framework.

Manage Both Content and User Experiences

Use experience management tools to connect content to application page views and/or UI widgets. Help user experience teams design effective omni-channel experiences without sacrificing the basic premise of headless content management (i.e decoupling content from presentation).  Personalize user experiences regardless of where the content resides.

Set Personalization Parameters

Use Aim APIs to deliver content based on context or personalization parameters.  This enables you to work with existing digital experience platforms, such as Adobe or Sitecore, to power dynamic, channel-specific, content based on the user’s context.

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