Headless Experience Management


An intuitive interface for business to manage the experience powered by data from multiple applications.

Data that drives digital experiences resides is residing in an increasing number of applications and data sources.  VUE offers a business-friendly admin interface to manage the end user experience while being completely decoupled from the source of the data/content.  Whether your content resides within VUE, a headless CMS, or one of your legacy applications, VUE gives you the ability to manage a multi-source page experience in a single interface.

Not just for do-it-yourself shops



VUE provides self-service tools for defining page templates and dynamic content rules to business users empowering them to manage the end user experience with ease.

Decouple Content from Experience


With our Data Delivery APIs, deliver content in its pure form to any front-end framework to power all your digital channels.

Play nice with others

Integrate with your systems of insight to understand the user’s intent and deliver personalized content in every context.

API Gateway


Pull data and content from various applications in real-time through VUE’s API Integration Management (AIM) module.