Enrichment Studio

Access, improve, categorize, enhance and manage content from a customizable user interface that is easy-to-use by knowledge workers.

Aid Knowledge Workers in Managing Content

Customize your knowledge worker’s user interface to display content in an Excel-like data grid, enabling knowledge workers to access, categorize, improve, enhance, and manage content in the repository.  Help subject-matter experts identify relationships, collaborate effectively, and monitor content to ensure governance.

Ensure the Quality and Usefulness of Content

Create and use 'Inspector Cards' to define quality criteria for your content.  Specify validation rules to recognize gaps in content, cleanse content to correct errors and inconsistencies, and standardize content to harmonize data of different formats.  Ensure that content is complete, accurate, timely and trustworthy.

Use Artificial Intelligence to Categorize Content Automatically

Improve efficiency and consistency with AI-powered, auto-categorization.  Leverage advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze content, identify patterns, and train systems.  Automatically categorize content into domain-specific taxonomies, tag metadata for improved descriptions, and assign synonyms for improved discovery.

Automate the Metadata Tagging of Content

Assign metadata to content based on business rules.  Use metadata that is descriptive (e.g. title, author, keywords), structural (e.g. how information is put together on a page) or administrative (e.g. how and when content is created or deleted) to improve navigation and search, content delivery, or content management.

Extract Insight from Unstructured Content

Use natural language processing (NLP) to extract relevant text from documents and social media.  Determine what’s important by identifying relevant entities, concepts, keywords, and sentiment in text files.  Use NLP to improve answers to website chat box questions; improve e-Commerce search or extract and synthesize content from a variety of sources.

Analyze Images to Support Visual Search

Use image analysis to extract labels, colors, and text from images to improve search results.

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