Vue Studio

View, organize, categorize, enhance and manage content and experiences from an interface that is easy-to-use and configurable based on the workflows required by your digital team.

View Content from Multiple Repositories

A configurable user interface to display content and their relationships from multiple back-end systems that otherwise exist in complete isolation.

Ensure the Quality and Usefulness of Content

Create and use 'Inspector Cards' to define quality criteria for your content.  Specify validation rules to recognize gaps in content, cleanse content to correct errors and inconsistencies, and standardize content to harmonize data of different formats.  Ensure that content is complete, accurate, timely and trustworthy.

Enrich Content

Use AI-powered auto-categorization, taxonomy management, content operations, data transformations and natural language processing to augment content with enhanced meta-data to optimize discoverability, enable personalization and create dynamic experiences.

Assemble Content for any digital experience

Use experience templates to assemble content from various content sources and contextualize it for any audience, geography or touchpoint.

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