Is your catalog ready for search?

Conscia offers editorial control over the catalog meta-data before it is indexed for Search.

Prepare your product catalog for Search


Centralized View of Product Content

Equip product managers and search experts with a 360 view of product content from siloed applications such as PIM, CMS, DAM, ERP, databases, etc.


Manage Catalog Taxonomy

Create, manage and apply catalog taxonomy with rule-based dynamic assignments.


Data Quality Validation

Validate the quality of your product catalog before publishing to your live index.


Auto-categorize with AI

Learn from your existing product attribution and standardize/complete the metadata for your entire catalog.


Plug-In to your Search Engine

Out-of-the-box plugins for popular search platforms including Elasticsearch and Endeca or use Conscia to power your search and browse experiences.


Standardize and Clean

Standardize attributes such as units of measurement that are frequently inconsistent from one supplier to another.

Featured Case Studies

A home shopping television channel improves search and browse with a centralized web catalog

This unique retailer relied on multiple legacy and siloed data sources for the product information that drives the eCommerce search and browse experience.  This included a PIM, a vendor CMS and an ERP.  The web merchandising team and product managers were using a home grown web catalog management tool that had various limitations such as the frequency and performance of data updates from source systems and to the live web/mobile application, poor data quality and limited ability for business users to control the meta-data for search and browse.  Conscia was used to orchestrate the data operations and create a 360 view of digital information, allowing business users to manage and enrich their web catalog to create an optimized customer experience.