Garbage-In, Garbage-Out when it comes to eCommerce Search

Gain editorial control over your search index with VUE

Customers demand that you understand what they are looking for on your site regardless of how they search for the product.  Search Engines can only do so much of your product information is not accurate, complete, consistent or simply not categorized or tagged with the keywords that the customer uses to look for products that they want.

VUE solves the garbage-in, garbage-out problem by giving you editorial control over the search index:

  • A Content Hub that stitches together and provides a semantic view of product content residing in disparate repositories
  • An Enrichment Studio that allows category managers to create and manage navigation and merchandising taxonomies and classify products using AI, NLP and rule-based categorization features
  • An Experience Manager that allows your business team to curate highly personalized product experiences
  • A Search Engine that sits on top of the Content Hub to deliver personalized search experiences
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