World’s First Schema-Less Integration Framework


We built it to support our Content Intelligence Platform, but we like to share with our customers and partners.


Stop wasting time with heavy ETL frameworks that force you into defining a rigid schema costing you months of development.  It’s time to rethink ETL with a schema-less approach.


Pick from a catalog of over 150 atomic integration tasks with 100% JSON-based configuration.

Service – Oriented

Assemble and deploy your own ETL task chains as a service that can be triggered from any framework of your choice.

Massively Scalable

You can scale up or down based on the complexity of the ETL tasks and the size of the data to be processed.


Listen to incoming events from any source systems and process the data in real-time.


VUE’s ETL engine is fully containerized allowing you to deploy in any OS environment.

Deploy on-premise, in private cloud or let us take care of it in our cloud.  It’s your choice.