Mesh your data, applications and services.

A cloud-based, agile integration service that accelerates your path to digital transformation.

Time to market is your biggest competitive advantage.  Connect your applications and data sources with an integration platform that was built from the ground up for speed, agility and resilience.



Pick from a catalog of over 150 atomic integration tasks with 100% JSON-based configuration.  With MESH, an integration flow is assembled, not ‘coded’, which means that even a business analyst can perform this task.


Truly Schema-less

Rigid schema mapping exercises in traditional ETL platforms are inherently fragile and brittle in nature.  A change in one point in the integration flow creates rework everywhere downstream.  MESH is a schema-less integration framework that provides the agility required in an ever-changing business and technology environment.


Dynamically Scalable

MESH integration server is lightweight such that it can be started/stopped in seconds and scales with the requirements of the integration flow rather than requiring an upfront commitment of system resources.


A decentralized, micro-services based architecture offers agility and application-based ownership for integration initiatives rather than being bound by a centralized integration approach that imposes strict guidelines, dependencies along with a heavy upfront capital investment.



Uses standard Docker containers that can be managed by orchestration frameworks such as Kubernetes to enable management of runtimes in terms of scaling, high availability, deployment rather than relying on proprietary frameworks and infrastructure.


Cloud-Native, Deploy Anywhere

MESH can be deployed on-premise, private cloud, public cloud or Conscia cloud – the choice is yours.  This gives organizations the freedom to fit Conscia into their existing infrastructure rather than the other way around.