Vue and enrich your information from siloed legacy systems

A business-friendly UI with self-service AI capabilities empowering your information experts to make your information findable.

Data in your existing systems of records is often inconsistent, incomplete and inaccurate.  Use AI-powered self-service tools to enrich your data before your end users see it.


Cleanse and Standardize

Identify and correct gaps, errors and inconsistencies in:

  • Item and Part Numbers
  • Units of Measurement
  • Colour/Brand/Size
  • Email addresses
  • Physical Addresses


  • Manage and dynamically assign taxonomy and meta-data to your data/content
    • Provide a start/end date for meta-data to apply to your master data so that it can expire when no longer relevant
  • Use AI-Powered Auto-Categorization to classify your products to your proprietary taxonomy
  • Manage relationships between different entities such as products and vendors, or articles and authors.


  • Assign synonyms and related concepts using word embeddings
  • Enrich with data from third party APIs.  For example, Actors/Movie information from OMDB.
  • Entity extraction and concept/keyword tagging
  • Image Analysis to extract colours, labels, keywords, entities to support visual search
  • Option to manually tag data where it doesn’t make sense to use machine learning

Quality Assurance and Validation Checks

Taxonomy Management and Assignment

Most PIMs and CMSes in the market have inadequate taxonomy management capabilities.  The challenge is that your search and browse behaviour depends on the quality of the meta-data of your products and content.  VUE provides sophisticated taxonomy management and dynamic assignment capabilities to dynamically assign taxonomies to your data/content.