Conversational Engine: "Hello Ayana"

With the VUE conversational engine, your customers can easily communicate with an AI-powered chatbot by saying “Hello Ayana”.  The VUE conversational engine analyzes the conversation to understand the user’s intent, enabling you to provide the most relevant content to the user.

Let Domain Experts Train Your Chatbot

Use a business-friendly, VUE user interface to train the conversational engine with domain knowledge. Content owners and knowledge experts, who are best equipped to answer questions, can train the VUE conversational engine to recognize common questions, create answers for common topics or provide answers for questions about a related topic.

Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Recognize User’s Intent

Leverage VUE’s AI-powered, natural language processing embedded in the VUE conversational engine to understand user conversations. Extend results with domain-specific entities and intents to increase recognition of user’s intent to deliver more relevant content.

Map User Intents to Content

Map user intents discovered by the VUE conversational engine to specific content.  To improve the delivery of relevant content, you can use the AI-powered, auto-categorization capability to classify content to audience segments and domain-specific intents.

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