Content Hub

Create a single view of content into organized catalogs to improve navigation and retrievability.

Gain a Complete View Regardless of Content Location

Create a centralized, semantic view of content regardless of where it resides; for example, shared drives, content management systems (CMS), digital asset management (DAM) systems,  home-grown databases, or cloud-based applications.  The VUE content hub provides a single source of truth of your content that can be consumed by any target application using intuitive and developer-friendly APIs.

Create a Flexible Content Model

Create a representation of your content that suits the needs of your target applications regardless of how the content was modeled in source systems.  Assemble views of related content (such as documents, images, records) into collections, without disrupting underlying systems.  This enables you to leverage your investment in existing resources while addressing future needs.

Create Once, Publish Everywhere

Assign system tags and metadata to collections to describe how content in the collection should be processed. Unlike many traditional CMS, there is no need to have separate content records for every context and touchpoint.  The VUE content hub allows you to manage channel specific attributes in one centralized record.

Enable Workflows to Flow Without Interruption

Use VUE content hub APIs to synchronize content continuously with your existing CMSs.  With Conscia VUE, you can enrich the content to improve content discovery and enable personalization or contextual delivery without touching the underlying content creation and editing workflow.

Automate Content Operations

Automate operations to be performed on content collections by using the VUE task worker to specifying operations.  For example: Capitalize the first word in a specific field, send an email to every email address in data collection, or crawl a Web site to pull URL into data collection.  These operations can be mass-applied to any content records within your content collections based on a user-defined criteria.

Ensure Secure Access and Flexible Editing

Define roles and permissions at the application level or UI widget level to access content collections or content items.  With fine-grained permissions, Consica VUE allows for more practical content editing and content sharing across lines of businesses and applications.  Unlike some headless CMSs, Conscia VUE enables enables multiple applications to share content within a single space.

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